Planning and implementing SDLC

The term Software Development Life Cycle is one that doesn’t need much introductions, it is simple to comprehend in quite a straightforward way. Unfortunately however, this simplicity does not extend to real world applications of SDLC, a process so convoluted and error prone that there isn’t a single company in the world today that doesn’t suffer in the production outputs because of it.. …

TL;DR — Serverless can be simple, as long as you have the right tools in your hands. Most tools today are not the right tools, making serverless architecture too complicated and convoluted. We believe there is a better way.
A practical section is at the bottom of this article.

The past and the future

Let’s start with a simple fact;

Serverless is the future of the tech world

You may assume that the inevitable future has landed on you unexpectedly, and start exploring the different tools that promise you the ultimate serverless vision — Low costs, no DevOps, usage-based pricing.

To your surprise, none of…

You have a revolutionary idea, which will change lives and have a huge impact on our future. Or maybe you just have a great idea for a profit-making platform that will simply make people’s lives a bit more relaxed and comfortable, while bringing you and the investors nice profits.

Whichever it is, I bet you have already heard multiple times that most startups fail (what an encouraging thing to hear and read everywhere! 🙄 ). Please keep reading, as this article is not about these numbers, it is just to give context and reasoning for what follows.

According to…


Almost every IT business has innovation labs, in one form or another. It might be a team, a department, or even just one person.

What is an innovation lab? How to build an efficient and measurable innovation lab in your company? How to avoid creating a team that will just consume huge chunks from the cash flow without having proper ROI? Let’s find out.

“We need innovation labs!”. This is a sentence that many founders and C-level executives heard in the past years from their investors and board members. The reason:

Innovation drives businesses forward.

And this conclusion is no…

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One gets to learn a lot about cultural differences and various mindsets of employees while working with teams located all over the world. Considering that all of us are human beings with different opinions, culture, experience and desires, isn’t it natural that one working methodology won’t be a perfect fit for everyone? And once you find yourself in a situation where you spend most of the time trying to follow the rules while the rest of the organisation simply fails to comply, how should you change things for the better? …

Bayeux village in France (Credit: bayeuxmuseum)

Pub(lisher) / Sub(scriber) communication means that we have one side that tells that something (an event) has happened, and other sides (listeners) that react to that event.

To understand the usage of this concept better, let’s imagine that we are building a dating app (Dinder). We need to have a web page that shows a ‘You have a new match!’ page when a match is found for our dear single. The match searching is happening on our servers, and we need to notify our app’s users in real time that a potential partner has been found.

In order to…

This article is aimed at people looking to get a better insight on which jobs exist in the high-tech industry.

I encountered an issue that many students finish coding academies, bootcamps and even universities without having the slightest idea about the professions that exist in the industry, except software engineering.

The purpose of this article is to shed some light on which career path one can choose, and what value it will bring to the company, the product and the end user.

We will build a company that produces an app called Dinder, which has a very original and…

by Marketoonist

It is the end of 2018, but the issue of inequality and lack of diversity is far from being resolved. What does the industry look like today? What is the state of LGBTQ diversity, and how can it be improved?

Case study — Facebook

Most people would agree that the ‘Facebook’ brand has a very open-minded and accepting ‘vibe’. Facebook heavily invested in its diversity and inclusion programs, and made sure that these are well-known across the world, outside the company’s walls. A great example:

Achieving diversity is a goal for most companies operating across various industries, located worldwide. There are many diversity advocates acting every day to achieve this goal, and the goal itself is achievable in many different ways. That being said, not many people are familiar with the term “neurodiversity”, its meaning, importance and impact to the industry, people, and equal opportunities.

I would like to offer a quick introduction to neurodiversity and explain its importance.


Almost everyone today knows someone who has a family member on the autistic spectrum, a friend with ADHD or other genetic “predispositions”. …

Software — is made by people. Products — are made by people. Each person brings a piece of their experience, feelings, and thoughts into life. So why do we choose and filter them so poorly?

In 2018, it is common practice to ask candidates to attach their StackOverflow, Github and Medium profiles to their job applications. Many mark these fields as mandatory, and do not offer candidates an option to skip these fields.

In my opinion, chasing public presence of potential candidates is one of the biggest mistakes a company can make. I am certain that this will cause the…

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